Monday, April 9, 2012

MM: Drum Circle, New Craft Toy, & Vinyl Pagan Family Decals

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We’ve had a very busy week around here. Classes are back in session, we are vending at Greensong Grove Beltaine this coming weekend, and I’ve started a new line of items in the shop.

Drum Circle

On Saturday Night we went out for the first time to the Tampa Community Drum Circle. The new location is just 15 minutes from my house at an equestrian center that also has a petting zoo. The kids had a load of fun and the drumming was quite good. It’s going to be held the first Saturday of every month and may really be worth it as a nice family activity. By the end the kids were really getting into the drums, dancing around and wiggling to the beat.

I also brought along their own mini drum they have which kept them occupied from time to time. Sometimes it’s just great to get out of the house for something other than school or errands.

New Craft Toy

IMG_1533I took the plunge and invested in a rather expensive but versatile craft tool, a Silhouette Cameo. I liked that it can cut multiple materials from card stock, plain paper, fabric or adhesive vinyl.

The thing I love best is if I can design it, it can cut it. I can even take some of my existing embroidery patterns and with minimal editing turn them into vinyl decals.

Expect to see more projects using this tool (I’ll ensure manual cutting can always be substituted in all projects) and many new items in the Etsy shop.

Pagan Family Auto Decals

SalesImageWM_SampleFamily5Our first sets of Pagan Family Auto Decals are up in the Etsy shop. They have their own category in the shop, Stick Figure Decals. The first lines are Female witches and General Pagan Males. There is also a small assortment of animals. They can be purchased singularly or in groups of 4-8.

There is a built in discount for buying the group packages.

In the works are also High Priest & High Priestess Adults, General Pagan Females, Vikings, Valkyries, General Heathens and Greco-Roman.

If you don’t see something that is exactly right let me know.

For those who aren’t big on the family car decals we will have more designs coming in the future. Suggestions are always welcome too!

With Easter yesterday did you do anything with family and friends?


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