Monday, April 16, 2012

MM: New Vinyl Designs & Greensong Grove Beltaine

MondayMadnessLogoWhew! Last week was a flurry of activity with the debuting of the new vinyl decal designs.

Boy do the Pagan Family Car Decals seem to be creating a buzz or what? I’m so excited and am definitely going to continue to add more designs to the line up. If you request something specifically it gets added more towards the front of the line. What’s been asked:

  • More cats & dogs
  • More babies
  • Lizards
  • Parrots
  • Owls
  • Spiders
  • Older stick figures (Honestly I’m still mulling how to do this without being disrespectful or stereotypical)

New Pagan Car Decal Designs

SalesImage_SpiralGoddessBabyWe so far have one general design also. It’s a Spiral Goddess Cradling a Baby.

How excited I am at the possibility of designs I can make is ridiculous. It takes a lot for me to get much else done right now!

Recent additions include Viking and Valkyries this past week.


Greensong Grove Beltaine

This past weekend we went out to a local 3 day festival hosted by Greensong Grove. We know a lot of people there and it’s normally a great small event. We decided to try vending again also. At Samhain we only got a luke warm response but back then I didn’t even have my first patches done.

The difference was huge!

IMG_1570Everyone there was excited by the Pagan Family stickers too. We sold better than I expected and I talked to a lot of parents. Yes there were probably a dozen or so kids there. Greensong is known for being great with the kids. One of the members sets up a little kids realm full of toys, drawing items, and does a few crafts.

My own children loved spending time over there and would cry when I tried to make them leave.

IMG_1572While there though I talked to many parents about Pagan Parenting. I told them about our Facebook Pagan Parenting Group, the blog and the stuff I make for the Etsy Shop.

I also talked business with a few other pagan businesses. Hopefully this will lead to some more outlooks for Treegold & Beegold. I’m excited about getting word out even more. I’m also happy to possibly help another Pagan business or two with their own network.

IMG_1575Unfortunately the kids were too tired to make it to Main Ritual. But I still feel we had a great day and got a lot out of it. Just a year a so more and maybe they’ll be able to do the 8pm main ritual but not yet. Here they were when we got home.

Yep they didn’t even change into PJs to get into bed. They were wiped out!


I hope everyone has a great week. Not sure what we have ahead honestly but I’ll be busy as always!


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