Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Personal Splurge: Tree of Life Earrings

IMG_1461-2For quite a long time I never bought myself anything. Since starting up Treegold & Beegold I’ve slowly started to change that. I mean I need to reward myself for a job well done right?
A few weeks back a close online friend (we met in a birth month group through Café Mom) posted up some pictures of a gorgeous Tree of Life earring set she did for someone else.
I immediately asked if she had any amber or amethyst chips to use. She got ahold of the amethyst and made me up a pair. Woot!!
Aren’t they beautiful? When they first arrived I was a bit shocked by the size. They are quite large and not something I would wear with my hair up. With my hair down and them peaking through the strands though is quite cute.
These are definitely going to be a Festival pair of earrings!
The creator can be found through her Facebook Page, Chloe’s Asleep Creations. She doesn’t have any pictures up on the page, because she’s just getting started but I know she can share photos of others she has done.

I believe her normal rate is $20 + $2 shipping. She customizes the colors of the stones even if you want multiple colors. One mom got 3 colors for each of her kids birthstones.
I can’t wait until the Florida Pagan Gathering to show them off!
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UPDATE: She's updated her Facebook page quite a bit after I told her I used that link in the post. Now there are plenty of pretty pictures.

I received nothing for this post. I bought these and loved them so much I had to share!
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