Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Florida Pagan Gathering Beltaine 2012

Florida Pagan GatheringAnother Florida Pagan Gathering has come and gone. I was both sad and relieved to leave.

This festival definitely created a mixed bag of emotions for me

First to describe why. I’m a glutton for punishment and have a love to serve the community. I don’t just attend festival. I’m in a middle management staff position for the event. Along with a wonderful woman we manage about 16 or so people through the full event in the onsite office and some associated areas.

It would be difficult for me to attend and not work. Since the munchkins began coming along holding my position has been much tougher to juggle.

What makes it more difficult but still rewarding is my Husband’s involvement in the men’s group named: Father Sky Lodge.

IMG_1662At times festival seemed to turn into a juggling match of pass the children between our respective duties

Wee Rose was teething the entire event and by Friday Lil ‘R had decided all he wanted to do was go home or play in the dirt 24/7. I indulged him in the later many many times.

We had some tough nights with them sleeping but overall they slept better than I was expecting.

IMG_1664What makes it all rewarding is seeing old friends and meeting new ones


For all the stress and my pretty close emotional break down on Saturday night I still love it. Though honestly I think a lot of this festival I made it through on the wishful thinking that as both kids age some things will be easier.

How many people who were willing to lend us a hand in helping with the children was very touching. Even if it was keeping them amused at the dinner table while we grabbed plates or helping me carry something. It truly takes a village to raise children and I witnessed my children learning new lessons from their greater family all weekend.

IMG_1678Managing my staff I can’t be so wishful in thinking about though

This was the first event were I really ran into Management Issues. I had to speak to staff members about their actions and how they affected me, I also had to smooth over a situation or too.

Wow!! My gosh was that stressful. The smoothing of the first situation left me walking away cool and collected to having a break down as soon as I was out of sight. It was tough.

I’ll be going right back at Samhain though

I’ve even already started planning meetings and changes to procedures for Samhain. Yep, Beltaine just finished and already I’m looking to Samhain. I just hope that I don’t run into any snags with work.

And if you’re so inclined to want to come work for me go to this link and fill out a personnel form for the Florida Pagan Gathering. Just say Velody the Office Lugal referred you. Staff get in at a discounted rate.

I’m still sorting out my emotions about the event and hopefully I’ll be able to line them up into a series of different topics. At the moment though I’m trying to get back into the realm of the Mundane world. It takes a bit.



  1. Sweetie you do such a great job and i have loved working for you.Im sorry i wont be a Divinci anymore but i will be on site.Im so thankfull for your friendship.Brightest Blessings.

  2. Thank you for coming and working so hard. It was such an intense festival in so many ways. Everything is changing, so quickly--for the better, I believe.



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