Friday, May 4, 2012


I debated about doing this weeks post on Industriousness because it’s one of the Nine Noble Virtues and I’ve covered several of them already.
I mean it isn’t a bad word.
I have great respect for industriousness.
I wanted to go with something that is a bit more close to my heart though, Inventiveness.
Inventiveness is form of creativity. It isn’t being creative just to be creative though. Inventiveness has to desire to bring out something new out of nothing that is entirely unique and done in an entirely unique fashion.
Sometimes it’s is creating an item that answers the needs of people, like the Sham Wow. Other times it is finding a new method to make something that already exists.

How does Inventiveness apply to Spirituality though?

Is it finding a personal path that there is no other?
To me it still involves physical items. For me it’s new ways to create items of reverence, to combine items of thoughts of old with items of the new.

On that example for this I have created my own combination of ancient wisdom in a modern way.

This quote comes from the Havamal a section of the Prose Edda, an ancient Norse Text. The Havamal is full of good advise.
Go ahead and download this PDF. It’ll fit a standard size paper and fit great in a document frame.
If you remember the Spring Subway Art Printable I did a month back.
Be Inventive in any way you can!
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