Friday, May 18, 2012

Jera–Year or Harvest

Jera is a Rune that for some reason I have always been drawn too. For the longest time I was seriously considering getting a tattoo of a bind rune of which it was a main part.

The literal meaning behind Jera is pretty straight forward.  It is actually the root in which we get the word year from in English. It’s original connotation was not for an entire calendar year though but meant more the Harvest or a Season.

Many know it best for how it appears in the Elder Futhark but of all the runes it had the greatest transformation of any through time.

For myself (Entirely UPG here) I’ve always connected Jera not with the harvest but with the cyclical sense of time. I’ve always envisioned the symbol as spinning around a central axis.

Does anyone else ever see it this way? Or what associations do you relate to it?

With that thought I’ve always found in comforting and as a place of strength. It’s a knowing that things will continue and that just maybe I can direct that power within myself to always move in a positive life direction.


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