Monday, May 21, 2012

MM: Back to School, More Pagan Family Decals and A New Pagan Patch

Today has already been a long day for me it seems. I was up pre-dawn to start doing my observation hours at a local High School to finish up the requirements for my Teacher Certification. I’ll be doing that for the rest of the week but hopefully that won’t interrupt our regularly scheduled posts.

The Viking Pagan Family Series is now Complete

Pagan Child Boy Viking DecalPagan Child Teen Boy Viking Decal
Last week I completed the last members of the Viking Pagan Family stickers with the conclusion of child boy Vikings and the teen boy Vikings. Make sure to check out all the stickers in the Etsy Shop. You can mix and match figures from any collection in the Make Your Own Family listings also. Like this one of pick your own 5 member family. Pagan Family Vinyl Decal

Triple Crescent Moon Patch New to the Shop

Triple Crescent Moon PatchAlso new to the shop is this patch I’m really loving. It’s a triple crescent moon by some seen as a way to represent the Goddess and the three phases of a woman’s life; the maiden, the mother and the crone. It was done with metallic silver thread on black which really makes it pop!

I’ve been working on quite a few custom orders still. It’s definitely a challenge to juggle blog posts here, blog posts at The Pagan Village, new items for the Etsy Shop, along with spreading the word. I think I’m doing “eh” right now. Just remember to keep updated for new things and I really owe  you all a new tutorial!


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  1. Your stuff is so awesome V! I hope business is going well! :)



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