Thursday, May 24, 2012

Show Off Time: Housewarming Sign with Love

One bit of huge news around our house is on May 1st my mother and step-dad sold their house in the Orlando area and bought a house here in Tampa only 6 miles away.

My mother and I haven’t lived this close to each other since I moved out at 18. I was super excited about it and so were the kids.

My mother’s birthday happens to be April 29th so I really wanted to make her both a nice birthday present and a housewarming gift.

This is what I came up with


This is how I made it

The base is a pine board 24 in x 36 in that I got from Lowes. (The original length of the board was 6 ft but I cut it in half).

I sanded it and painted it with semi-gloss white paint we had in the house.

IMG_1643I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl letters and leaf motif border. All of it I designed in the Silhouette Studio software. The leaf motif borders I purchased from the Silhouette store. They were quite reasonably priced.

The hand print hearts were the toughest part. The paint is red semi-gloss paint. Each heart consists of one of the kids hands. Lil ‘R is on the left and Wee Rose on the right.


IMG_1641 Lil ‘R did great with his. Nice and clear no smudging. He also didn’t touch a thing as I got him to the sink to wash off the red paint.
Wee Rose didn’t do as well in the smudging department but it still worked out.

I drew the heart shape around myself to finish them off.


The last thing was to add the wire to make a hanger. I used eyelet hooks that are screwed into the top and picture hanger wire. Then added the 2 bows to cover up the eyelets.

Her reaction was priceless when we gave it to her. I’m so glad she really liked it!




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