Friday, June 1, 2012

Kindred: You can’t pick who you are related to but you can pick your family

Kindred to some is just another word for family. It’s a commonly used word in English and often in phrases like, Kindred Spirit.

In Heathenry it has a similar yet different meaning. I refers more to chosen group of family in the similar way that a coven can be a chosen family. It’s often held together by oaths of kinship and a sense of a common purpose.

I’m going to go a bit on the personal side again today. Currently I’m not involved in any specific group be it held together by oaths or not. I have spent my far amount of time in such groups. I’ve three times been in groups in which all members oathed to each other. One was a Coven while I was in my early days of college and identified as an Eclectic. The two others have both been Heathen Kindreds.

Honestly I think any group with common oaths just like your biological family can be the most rewarding and the most stressful of relationships. Sometimes I really miss being involved with a Kindred. But I left that group right before I started my own family and now I see things very differently.

I guess one could say I’m forming my own Kindred now that is blood. Maybe one day we’ll find a like minded family or two and join together to make a Clan of our own.

Are any of you a part of a group? Does it involve oaths or is it just open membership? If not do you prefer not to be or have you ever been?

Come on I’m curious!!


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  1. I am not part of any group. the closest to what you described above, was a shop I used to frequent when I lived in Minnesota! Oh how I miss Karen's shop :( the frienships forged were amazing! I miss it most because that is where I found my true path, my calling and my dream ;)

    I have yet to find another shop like that since I moved to CA and WA. My "big audacious hairy goal" or BHAG is to open a shoppe here in Spokane for peeps like me looking for a place they can be pagan (or not) and feel safe.

  2. This is fabulous! I'm not part of any "physical" group but online groups with fellow kin (brothers and sisters) who are heathens. I consider these folk family and would defend as if biological. :) I would love to have kin in RT but in my area, heathens are very rare :(



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