Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MM Delayed: Personal Creativity Slump and New Pagan Women Decals

MondayMadnessLogoI know it and I say it to myself always; being creative fosters more creativity.

:: Bang Head ::

I haven’t been doing that though and I’m starting to slip out of the habit of some things.

I know I’ve been slacking a bit here at the blog. I wanted to do a Summer Blog Hop but I didn’t get it scheduled.

Bad Me

I had intended to have many more of the Pagan Family Decals done by now.

Bad Me

I hadn’t intended for my doing crafts over at The Pagan Village to cause me to stop doing tutorials here.

Bad Me

I’m letting things distract me and they aren’t necessarily good things. When I first started the shop and blog it was a great way to help fight my depression because I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Somehow I let that slip away from me and I need to get it back.

You know when you can stand back look at yourself and see all the things you are doing that just aren’t helping?

Yeah I have a few of those. Some of them include not sleeping well, not eating the best or exercising. I’ve gained weight in the past months and I always feel like I have no energy.

I’m not organized anymore so I keep missing little things.

Somehow I need to ground, find my center, tackle the back log and start anew.

The next 2 weeks are going to be hectic as Lil’ R’s birthday is this Saturday and projects are coming due in classes. Is it procrastinating to say I’ll start then or should I kick myself in the butt and begin today?

A Look at those new Pagan Female Decals

I’m very happy I got these done because I’ve had a few people asking for woman without witch hats. I need to just finish the Teen Girls and Child Girls.

Adult Woman Pagan Stick Figures Vinyl DecalsAdult Woman Pagan Stick Figures Vinyl Decals

As with all the other decals mix and match them to make your entire pagan family, including the furry children!



  1. Oh, Velody, take it easy on yourself. Creativity often comes in spurts and dry spells have a habit of ushering in bigger ideas. Good luck!

  2. Feeling a great deal of stagnation here. Goals are stuck in muck while some are dead for the summer. *sigh* Hoping this weekend will see my mojo returning.



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