Monday, June 4, 2012

MM: Gardening and Custom Patch Orders

Yes I know writing the Monday Madness a bit late today. But boy has a lot gone on.

Have you heard about, and how you can take advantage that it gives you free money towards purchases? Well Treegold & Beegold now has some items up on Yardsellr Here.

It’s just another way you can find our items!

Custom Items done Last Week

This past week I was doing a lot of custom orders and here are some of the final pictures from them. I’ll be putting some of these up as available items in the Etsy Shop later this week.



Top Left: Traditional Pentacle in Silver

Top Right: First Degree Pentacle

Bottom Left: A Custom Patch for a band out of Ohio

Bottom Right: Rectangular Wiccan Pride patches for the sides of a ball cap

Getting some Gardening Done

With rainy season just about to start I decided it was time to try to spruce up the front of our house with some plants. The family ran over to the nearby nursery this morning to pick out some plants and I had them all in the ground by 2 pm.

Yes I took pictures!


I still have some more to add but it’s definitely a start. It’s better than the weeds that were there before. Lets hope I can keep them alive!!

I hope everyone has a great week.

Any good pointers on keeping plants alive other than remembering to water them?


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  1. I love your work V! I hope business is picking up for you! As for gardening, I can't lend any tips. I was born with black thumbs, not green ones. I couldn't even keep a cactus alive as a child. :)



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