Monday, June 25, 2012

MM: School, Interviews & Tropical Storm Debby

MondayMadnessLogoThings have definitely been over the top around here. Some days I’m wondering how much of it all I can continue to juggle.

Disappointment in the Job World Still

The past 2 weeks have involved a large amount of school work and getting things together to start applying for teaching positions. Last Tuesday was Teacher Interview Day for our county.

This is a day where all the schools get together and do mass interviews for their open positions. Some people get hired on the spot but many principles take time before giving offers. I interviewed with 8 or more schools.

I to my disappointment did not walk away with an offer or assurances that they really like me. One big plus is it really helped me with my interview skills.

So I’m in limbo still. I need to put out more resumes but life keeps throwing me curves balls.

Tropical Storm Debby I loathe You

If you don’t live in the South East US or are not a weather channel/news junkie you may not know that we have a Tropical Storm moving at a crawl over top of us.

I’ve live in Florida my entire life and a Tropical Storm is generally not a reason to panic. Unfortunately this one is dropping a severe amount of rain and our roof is old.

It’s leaking in multiple places and has even created  sizable crack in one ceiling.

I have known our roof was old but was hoping it would hold out until I had employment and could work out a loan. Without employment I’m not sure what we are going to do but we are out of options. We have to do something now. Even though I’m doubting insurance will fully cover it I’ve still filed a claim in hopes that it will help.

Maybe with the election stuff heating up my Cthulu for President decal will heat up. I’d only need to sell 1500 or so to pay for the roof.

Hoping for the best!


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