Monday, August 20, 2012

MM: I’m not just a Pagan, I’m a Goth and a Geek too

Susan 014

I’ve been ignoring my Goth and Geek sides for a bit. The goth side since Lil’ R was born.
For a bit I’ve felt that though I love the items I make they haven’t all spoken to me. I think that’s because I was trying to create what I believed there was a demand for and was ignoring the Goth and Geek aspects of me. I spoke last week about having a revelation that I should widen the horizon of Treegold and Beegold to more than just pagan children and family items. I added a few new items in the past week.


New Tarot Bag

I made a 3rd Tarot / Rune bag based upon a specific request that I think came out wonderful! It features an embroidered star filled Triple Moon.
One thing from making children’s items is I have fallen in love with working with soft fabric. The tarot bags are all made from black flannel, it almost has a suede like feel to it. I’m debating about making matching cloths to go with them.
This can be found both in our Etsy Shop and through the Treegold and Beegold Shop.
What other designs would people like? How about a Tree of Life? And should I offer more colors choices?

New Vinyl Wall Decal

I also created a new vinyl wall decal. These Gothic sconces are actually up on my own walls. I made them because I wanted them to frame a picture in our entry way. I was so pleased with the results that I’ve added them to the shop. They’re quite large being around 13 inches tall. And this photo is created from a picture of my own wall.

On a Personal Note

Last week was incredibly busy and a bit nerve raking. In one week I had the same amount of orders come in as I did the previous month. Huge Yeah for that!
I also got a call about having an interview for a High School Math teacher at a local school. The woman on the phone spoke in terms giving me the impression that I am very high on the candidate list and they were looking to fill the position asap. School starts back here tomorrow. On Friday I went in for the interview with the expectations of hearing if I had the position or not then. Instead I find out the county has placed the school on a hiring freeze, I was interviewed by someone different then I was expecting, and told he’d bring my resume to the principles attention and I’d be hearing back.
What a buzz kill.
So here I am waiting again. At least I have my back up plan in place where I will beginning substitute teaching in the second week of September.
Here’s to a good week and good news!!



  1. Yay for the orders!!! I am always torn when I get a huge amount of orders like that. I'm glad for the business but then the "Holy shit can I really do this?" sets in. Good luck lady!!

  2. Yea, that interviewer would certainly be a buzz kill! Best luck in subbing. Congrats on the lovely amount of orders. You will certainly be busy, one way or another. :) Sweet sconces.



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