Friday, August 17, 2012

Pagan Blog Project: In the Quiet You can…


As the mother of two small children quiet time is sacred. It isn’t something that happens too frequently and when you does occur it is often interrupted.
I have always found quiet time to be much more than just that.
It’s also a time for:
  • inner reflection
  • to recharge yourself
  • brainstorming creative ideas
  • communion with the divine or spirits
  • divination, scrying or other foretelling practices.
  • sleep
  • meditation
  • coming up with dinner
I think I took quiet time for granted for years. Now I savor everyone moment of it and lament when that time is lost. When I return to working shortly (cross fingers for my job interview this afternoon) I’ll be waking up much earlier then the rest of the house. I’ve done this previously and I love it. It’s complete quiet time for me to savor before the world awakens. Especially when that time is pre-dawn. I never used to be a morning hour but somewhere along the way I’ve come to love the pre-dawn when the world seems at it’s quietest.
Is there a particular way you regularly enjoy Quiet time and if so what do you do?

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  1. I usually stay up late at night , just to get some peace ! Last week though I woke up between five and six a.m and all was golden outside - very beautiful! I'll be thinking of you enjoying all those lovely Autumn mornings!

  2. Even though I only have one small child I feel the same way. I am lucky in that she still naps and so I get some quite time then but it is really a precious rare commodity. That said my current favorite quote is from "the happiness project" and it is "The days are long but the years are short" I try to remember that when I try to remember when was the last time I got time for a shower that is longer then 90 seconds. :)




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