Saturday, August 11, 2012

Altered Gothic Altoid Tin

IMG_2161This past week I was in the mood to experiment with some other mediums then my normal fabric, thread or yarn based crafts, and out popped this idea for a Gothic Tin.

I love Altoids. When I quit smoking 5 years ago they were my substitute that helped me get through those first months. This means I often have empty Altoid tins lying around and I know better than to toss them out.

Out came an idea to learn how to decoratively cover the tins. I opened up Google and began my research.I found that people do all sorts of awesome stuff with Altoid tins. I also found a great Tutorial on  using paper and Mod Podge to do so.

I decided that I would try out my first one on a gift for Hubby. He expressed an interest in something to hold all the extra bits and pieces for many of his collectable figures. My Hubby is also a Goth to the core, and was enamored with my spooky little Altoid tin for him.

Here are some close ups of my first attempt at an Altered Altoid Tin.

Altered Gothic Altoid Tin by Treegold and BeegoldAltered Gothic Altoid Tin by Treegold and Beegold
Altered Gothic Altoid Tin by Treegold and BeegoldAltered Gothic Altoid Tin by Treegold and Beegold
I’m not going to do the tutorial myself because you can see right here over at Junk & Stuff is a great one. I didn’t do anything new. Though if I do come up with something unique I’ll definitely write a Tutorial then.

Tip I learned though was to measure carefully! And if something is too big trim it after you put it on. This works well for the top and bottom pieces. 

Next I want to make one with a more naturalistic flair to it and maybe add some polymer clay accents, like little feet. These are scarily addictive. Look to the future to see many more of these Altered Tins, some will be Gothic in nature but not all.



  1. Great ideas!
    (I'm visualizing the feet now:-)

  2. How clever! thanks for sharing, Velody! this is awesome! and I LOVE Mod Podge! :)



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