Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tutorial: Stuff Catching Rug

IMG_2468Have a spot in the house the regularly accumulates debris that a normal rug doesn’t catch well? For us it’s the cat litter box. We used to have a store bought rubber rug for the front of the cat box. It did a great job of catching the litter off of their feet but over time the rubber ripped. I had to through it away.

Since I tossed the store bought mat the area around the cat box has gone crazy! I needed a replacement bad but I didn’t want to way the high price at the local chain pet store.

If you’re a crafter in this predicament what do you do?

You figure it out. The keys to the original mat were that it had this weird mess on the top with space for the litter beneath and get trapped. What I didn’t like was that once in there it was difficult to get out.

My solution

Crochet a loose rectangle of fabric with adequate places for the litter to go through and and then bind the mat on 3 sides to create a pillow case of sorts.

What I did

Using worsted weight polyester yarn, an N hook I double crocheted 24 rows of 35 stitches. This created a mat about 18” x 13”.IMG_2458

Then I cut a piece of Bottom Weight fabric (or any good durable fabric) 1/2 inch larger than the square on 3 sides and 1 inch larger on the 4th. This made the piece about 14” x 19.5”. I did a wrap around binding often used for quilts. A great tutorial is here but I’m going to explain what I did also.
First I folded in all the corners so they just met the crochet and pressed them.


Then I pressed all the edges down a 1/4”. Next I folded over the corners so now they went over the crochet fabric and pressed. This takes some trial and error because the intention is for a mitered edge on the binding. Test where to fold the corner that makes the edges meet up when we fold them over in the next step.


Fold over all the edges about 3/8th an inch and press. It should be overlapping the crochet fabric (except on the 4th side) and meeting neatly in the corner. Notice how the one side I left open and didn’t overlap the
IMG_2463        IMG_2465

Then I just zig-zagged stitched all the way around making sure I caught both the binding on 3 of the 4 sides and that I didn’t catch it on the 4th.


I’ve had it down for about a week now and so far it’s doing a pretty good job. I can already see it catching some of the litter and that not ending up on the floor.
It also matches the room the litter box is in, so another plus.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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