Thursday, August 23, 2012

Handling Crafting Clutter

BedroomThe clutter from my supplies is getting way out of hand here in the Treegold & Beegold abode. I’m constantly trying to organize and sort items but it just isn’t getting anywhere.
I thought I’d share with you all what I’m facing as before shots. It’s crazy!!
There are lots of pluses and minus’s about making small items. Plus is they don’t take much materials, minus is that items are always cheaper in bulk so it takes longer to get through the material and thus it’s stored longer.

This first shot is of my side of the bedroom

where I store the majority of my fabric. By the arrows you can see the bags and containers of fabric. They are sorted by type though. Felt in 1, fleece in another, patterns cottons, soft fabrics. But it’s just crazy I tell you.
I did do you all a courtesy and removed my laundry.

Then we have the controlled chaos in the office that is my tiny book shelf. Yes it’s all in nice bins and for the geeks out there can you guess the game system of Hubby’s I have to be sharing with?
It’s an ancient “classic” system.
This is probably one of my better areas.
I have stuff tucked away all over the place. In the linen closet I have a box of scrap fabric, under my bed are 3 under the bed boxes of yarn. In my closest is a box of random ribbon and flower pieces.
I even have stuff mailing supplies stowed in the garage.

My supplies are everywhere and it’s driving me batty!! The problem is that to buy the bins I would love costs money, and the only place I can think of to create a little nook is the garage but I have no clue where in the garage as it’s a disaster in itself.
I’m thinking of majorly downsizing my shoes to like 5 pairs total and using my side of our moderate closet in the bedroom.
What organization tricks or clutter battles have you tackled where downsizing and just tossing it all out really isn’t an option? I’d love to here any suggestions to help me out and cheap storage solutions too!

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  1. I feel your pain! Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of organization advice though because about all I do is hide things downstairs until I need them again, haha. But downstairs I use an old entertainment center so I can kind of keep things separated but I know that wouldn't work for everyone. :)



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