Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Ordering A Custom Pagan Item Works


I do a lot of custom pagan items, for those of you who follow my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or Google + Page you all hear about it on occasion. Some of that work becomes well known pieces of mine, such as the Sif embroidery.
It’s up to probably 50% of the work I do is custom projects. I love it and dislike it all at once. I love the creativity of taking a clients idea and making it work out just as they want. I only say I dislike it because I can’t always organize custom work easily amongst my other plans.

The Process of Ordering a Custom Project

Many people message me unsure about how the process works so I thought I’d let everyone now how simple it is.

Starting the Process: Contact Me

  • Oak Scouts Badge Custom EmbroideryFirst message me privately, via my email is best, that about what you’re interested in. The types of custom work I do are endless, it need not be specifically a pagan item either, but specifics things I have been commissioned for are:
    • Embroidered Patches, both for simple designs I don’t already carry and for organizations. I’ve done a patch for a Kindred, a Metal Band, Video Game inspired and I’m currently working on patches for the Oak Scouts, a pagan scouting troupe.
    • Vinyl Decals, Want your business logo on your car? I have a variety of colors available. Unfortunately theses don’t photograph well until they are placed. Customer photos are always appreciated.
    • Embroidered items, I’ve made a few specific gifts for people including a purse with embroidery on it for a special 3 yr old.
    • Crochet Items, I was asked to modify my Acorn crochet pattern to make a Flying Squirrel House.

  • We’ll discuss your ideas and I’ll let you know my thoughts on what I an make and what I think will look best.


  • Custom Embroidered Triquetra PurseI strive to be very reasonable and all prices are negotiable. My general pricing guidelines are based upon this:
    • For original works that are proprietary I charge $10 for digitizing/creating the design. This applies to Coven, Kindred, Business, or Organization designs.
    • If the design is very simple, contains work I’ve already created with maybe just text added, or is an image that would work well in shop but I don’t currently have there is No Fee. (An example of this are my Wiccan Born patch or Sif patch, they were originally a commissioned pieces)
    •  If the item is a patch you can look at the patches in the shop for ideas of what the prices will be. I price items dependent on their size and number of colors in the design.
    • Crochet Flying Squirrel HammockIf the item is a decal pricing will be similar to the decals available in the shop. Currently the maximum dimensions I can make a single piece is 12inch x 10 ft. Anything more than the 12inch would have to be done in separate pieces and the price would be higher.
    • For custom sewing or crochet: this is on a per item basis. I can’t really give a guideline because the options are unlimited.
    • Bulk orders will always be given special pricing considerations but a 10% deposit will be asked for orders over $100 after designs are approved.

Witch Hat AccessoryThe Creation Process

  • After our initial discussion of ideas and price has been agreed upon I will get to work on creating the design and options available.
    • In the case of patches, embroidery, or vinyl designs I will send a digital graphic for your approval before creating the item.
      • If required I will provide images of multiple options for your choice.
    • If fabric is a part of the project I will send photos of fabric available for your approval.
    • The design process can take 1 week or so depending on my current schedule. I will keep you updated on the progress throughout the entire project.

  • Once you have approved the design I will make up a single item (or if only one item is ordered this would be the final).
    • If you approve the item via photos I will make more if necessary or the process is complete.
    • If the order is a larger order this is the point that a 10% deposit is asked before I complete the further items.

Final Approval and ShippingFirst Degree Wicca Embroidered Patch

  • When all items in your order are complete I will send photos to show the detailed results.
  • If everything is approved and no changes need to be made I will issue an invoice. I generally use Paypal but other payment arrangements can be made. This invoice will include shipping.
    • For domestic shipping I use USPS 1st Class Mail with Tracking.
    • For International shipping I use USPS 1st Class Mail but am unable to offer tracking numbers. The cost it ridiculously high to do so.

That’s how it works. Nothing scary about it and I’m happy to make very simple designs that you would like but I’m lacking in the shop. Often they’re on my To Do list, just other projects continuously get in the way.
All the pictures in this post are of work that was originally commissioned. Some are now fairly well known pagan themed items of mine.


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