Monday, August 6, 2012

MM: Getting back in the Swing, new Vinyl Wall Decals



For the past week I’ve been full on getting back into activities involving the blog and my shop.

Now on Yardsellr

For those who don’t know I now have items up on Yardsellr if you prefer it to the Etsy shop. Though the selection is not as large.

New Marketing Ideas

I am currently trying to come up with smaller groupings of the Pagan Stick Figure Decals to sell on eBay and Yardsellr. My current idea is I will group them in collections with the choices between maybe only 2 of each person. To pull this off I need to design many more figures.

I really want to reach out to a more geeky demographic too. Hubby wants me to create a Ghostbusters set, I’m also thinking of a Pirate and a Steampunk groups.

New Patches and Decals

Life is a Witch and Then you Fly Pagan Vinyl Wall DecalLast week I put up a post talking about 3 new Vinyl Wall Decals I had added to the shop. I’ve also created one other to add into the group. This is for a wall.

First I love this picture, the wall is from my home and that is a part of our family alter. I love the border on the decal though and how it gives an impression it’s really a picture.

New also is a Valknut Outdoor Vinyl Decal

There are now 2 new patches and a redesign of the Triple Moon Goddess Patch.

1st Degree Wiccan Initiate Pagan Sew on PatchThin Silver Pentacle Pagan Wiccan Sew on Patch

I Miss Tutorials

I know I haven’t done a tutorial in awhile. I even have an idea for a crochet pattern I want to write up. My goal is by the end of the week I should be in a place to start writing it up. Tutorials are by far the most time consuming thing I do. They are the most rewarding of all my posts though.

Ideas for tutorials you’d all like to see would be greatly appreciated! So please share! Or you guys may just see a lot more sock critters.


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