Saturday, August 4, 2012

Munchkin Birthdays Summer 2012

In the time that I fell off of Midgard both of my Munchkins had their birthdays.

Lil ‘R is now 4 and Wee Rose is now 2.

Now really where did time go. Lil ‘R has gone from:


Hospital 005IMG_1935

                                           to                                   This          

And though Wee Rose is much younger it’s still a shock to me.

Lenore_Hospital 057_2IMG_2044

A few highlights from their birthdays


Lil’ R’s party was at a local splash park.


The kids and Lil’ R’s friends had a blast running around in the water.

Wee Rose is younger than most of your friends children so this year she just had a family party.

She was ecstatic to spend it with some of her favorite people, her Grandma and Grandpa Lenny.


I’m sure you can tell by her face that she was very happy. I’m so blowing up this picture to frame and put on the wall.

Summer time is full of birthday’s here. Lil’ R is in June, Wee Rose in early July, I’m at the end of July and Hubby is mid-late August.

Whew by the time we get to September I’m birthdayed out!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.




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