Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Fabulous Blog Award–Thanks Gypsy

A fellow blogger bestowed on me this Fabulous Blog Award!

Thank you Gypsy who is a great blog to read if you want to learn about how to take your blog to the next level. She specifically focuses on pagan/spiritual blogs too!

It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to receive these type of awards because they come from my peers.

Rules for the Fabulous Blog Award

  • 1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog. — Check
  • 2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.
  • 3. Name 5 things that you love.
  • 4. Name 5 things you hate.
  • 5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

5 Fabulous Moments in My Life

  1. The birth of both of my kids. Especially with my oldest because it had all wrapped up in it the fact that now I’m a mom and the little person depends on me for the world. I had that feeling with my daughter but I was a bit used to it by the time she was born.
  2. Marrying my Husband. It was a quick whirlwind of a relationship and after a few months we married down at the Justice of the Peace on Feb. 29th.
  3. Going to Europe. When I was almost 17 I had the opportunity to take a 2 week tour of Europe. I dream constantly of going back and maybe one day moving there.
  4. Completing my Master’s Degree. Finishing it was riddled with difficulties with stresses from family, money, life, having a toddler and being pregnant, etc. I did it when many thought I wouldn’t.
  5. Completely my first set of projects for my store, having it up and someone Buying something! The feeling of someone else appreciating the fruits of your efforts is wonderful.

5 Things I Love (Besides my Family)

  1. Gnomes
  2. Crafting
  3. Reading (specifically Fantasy novels)
  4. Cooking/Baking Especially with the munchkins
  5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV & Movies

5 Things I Hate

  1. Arguments, confrontation. I hate confrontations and fights. Nothing positive ever seems to come of them.
  2. Snarky attitudes. There is humor in sarcasm, dark comedy etc. I mean more just nasty attitudes that bring nothing positive to a situation.
  3. Slap stick comedy, I’ve never gotten it and can’t stand it.
  4. Killing bugs, I’m not afraid of bugs I just hate that crunch (especially roaches) that occurs.
  5. Not getting enough sleep. Want to see me moody and cranky? yeah sleep deprived me is not a happy camper.

5 Deserving Bloggers

  1. Brenda from Pibbles N Me
  2. Rebecca from The Magical Buffet
  3. Volante from The Wandering Gypsy
  4. Janet from Our Little Acorn
  5. Poppy from Book of Shadows and Blessings

Please go visit these great bloggers, I regularly read their blogs and love them.

So now you learned a bit more about me, till next time.



  1. I would definitely agree on your fabulous moments! Those are the ones to cherish for life. :) I'll also agree with your #2 and #5 in things you hate.

    Thank you so much V! I'm honored! I'll definitely check out the others you've listed.

  2. Well congrats to you! You've got some great fabulous moments to definitely cherish!!

    Thanks for linking my blog! *hugs* Going over to poke at the other blogs now :)

  3. Congrats on the award! Well deserved!

  4. Hey V! My post will be published on Friday, 8/10! :) Thank you again!



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