Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pentacle Polymer Clay Cane Photographic Tutorial

My first try at making my own polymer cane which can be used to make beads, decorate or a variety of polymer clay applications. I need to work on my reducing skills but I think you will all get the idea.

Treegold and Beegold: Pentacle Polymer Clay Tutorial

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  1. Nice! Canes are not easy to make. My reducing skills need some major improvement. Then again, so do my skills with creating the cane in the first place, hehe. Yours, however, turned out really nicely!

    1. Reducing definitely seems to be something that takes a lot of trial and error. I keep searching for more tips from people. Thank you though, I have yet to come across many Pagan canes (other than nature themed) so I thought it'd be a good place to start in creating my own. I think next will be a Triple Moon Cane.

  2. Tip on reducing a design like that. Build up the outside more. So the design is more centered. It's that outer part that tends to compress most.

    Another tip for this particular design, would be to do your compressing in the solid areas between points. This takes some time but you'll end up with a five sided cane and a much cleaner design.

    I actually have two pentagram canes on my site. Scroll down to find those. Both were compressed with the five sides.



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