Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adventures in Substitute Teaching

Treegold and Beegold Pagan Substitute TeachingLast week I began my new job as a substitute teacher while I try to get a full time position. So far I've done days at two different Middle Schools and boy is it at times tougher than I was expecting.

My first day was atrocious. The classes were known difficult classes and they ran me over. I came home seriously questioning this touch and really wanting a stiff drink. Day two though reaffirmed things for me. I had multiple classes in the day that were very pleasant. There are definitely a lot of ups and downs. The difficulty with being a sub is that I have to form relationships with the students very fast and assert some authority.

The more details a teacher leave about the class the better this is. Today was the first time I had a teacher leave a full seating chart and wow did that help.

As pagans we talk about the power of names but there is also power in someone else knowing your name. Today because I had a seating chart with all the students' names on it I was able to quickly learn and address students by their names. It made a huge difference in many of their behaviors. I think part of it is if I know their names I can then get them in trouble but could their be more to it than just that?

I'm anxious to try a High School and see the difference in older students, also to see the difference in visiting schools in different areas of town. My next day though is with 6th grade English students.

Each school though I inquire about open positions but so far either the school wasn't a good fit or the position wasn't. Let's hope that changes shortly.

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  1. My grandson has a long-term sub for Kindergarten (teacher recovering from surgery, won't know until end of the month if she will be returning). She started a week into the school year & decided she might as well act as if the year was just beginning. So far, so good! Remembering how 'active' my daughters' high school companions were, I think it depends on what school you end up at, & remembering always that breaking up a fight could end up with injury. I'm so happy that your second day went better :)

  2. My mother's been a teacher for a very long time and I remember her saying that Middle Schooler's are not human, they're not kids and they're not yet young adults, they're just in that horrible liminal space of puberty and confusion. Many blessings on you for taking on the work of teaching. It will get better and there will always be days when a drink feels like a good idea :)



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