Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Product: Altered Altoid Tins



We have a whole new line of items in the shop. I discovered the world of Altered Tins a few weeks back if you all remember the one I did for my hubby. I loved making them and designing the small nuances of each. I’m in the background learning a lot about polymer clay techniques and wire art to incorporate into future designs.


I’ll be happy to do any custom order if someone would like something specific. Just drop me a message at


These tins are great for just holding small items on a table top, for use on your alter or as a mini wallet on the go. They fit business cards and credit cards perfectly.


All these tins are available in the Etsy Shop and I am putting them up shortly on the Treegold & Beegold shop. The items in the shop will be at a discount compared to Etsy.


Make sure to sign up for the Newsletter though because I’m putting together a blast about these tins along with a coupon!


  1. OMG Velody! These are absolutely FABULOUS!!! I adore the "stache" hehe and the raven boxes!!! VERY cool!!!! sharing sharing sharing!!!

    1. I like how to stache came out, I like combining my love of plush items with these. They are definitely a place to show off my mixed media skills.

  2. These are very nice - love the 'stache. When starting out, how do you suggest decorating? paint, clay, paper? I'd like to give it a go.

    1. Paint is a bit difficult because it tends to scratch off easily. You would definitely need to sand them first if you wanted to go that route and use a good primer. I have yet to do one fully in clay but I've seen some really nice ones and I definitely want to try it out. I'm going to experiment if I can do paper with clay on top and then bake them.

      Paper is probably the easiest route to go if you don't have experience with clay and it needs to least materials. I've just started getting into clay and buying tools is starting to add up.

      I hope that helps :)



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