Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Around the Corner: Optimus Prime Costume Review

OptimusPrimeCostume1Normally I like to make the kids Halloween Costumes myself. With starting the new job though I’m finding myself in a bit of a time bind.

Thanks to Wholesale Halloween Costumes I was able to get Lil ‘R a costume I knew he really wanted. A Optimus Prime Costume from the latest Transformers Movie.

For the price of the costume I would say this costume is a good deal. It comes with a body suit, the helm, chest piece and blaster arm. There is a lot of detail in both the paint and the printing on the body suit. Even for it being slightly too big on Lil ‘R it still works out. He’s a 3T/4T and the smallest size was an XS.

I was at first a bit disappointed by the thinness of the plastic for the helm, chest piece and blaster but after thinking of Lil ‘R running around it in for awhile it isn’t something you really want that is heavy.

What is most important is that he really loves it as you can see by the photo. He had a great time posing for the camera and I’m sure he’ll have a great time wearing this on Halloween.

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  1. Very cool and I love it! BTW, do you think they have it in a Womans size 16? hehe

  2. Awesome costume! The daughter will be a Glee cheerleader, the 3 grandchildren will be 1) Frankie Stein from Monster High, 2)red-ninja-guy-like-a-Power-Ranger, & 3)a 'Sweetheart' monster (pink shaggy headdress was a big hit with a 2yrold).



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