Saturday, October 20, 2012

Temporary Blog Hiatus

Cat-Just-5-More-MinutesI’m sure some of you all have noticed that I have been blogging less and less frequently. The reason is I’ve started working again. Unfortunately it isn’t a permanent teaching position just yet. Right now I’m substitute teaching until I find one. The pay sucks, and honestly I’m probably making less than I was on unemployment when you factor in the cost of gas and loss of productivity towards Treegold and Beegold. But, it’s experience that is both beneficial to me for when I get a permanent position and great for my resume.

Because of this though I’ve fallen incredibly behind on blogging. I’m keeping a float on orders and making the occasion new thing but that’s it.

I’ve decided to take a month off of the blog. In that time I plan to skip ahead and be prepared for the Yule season. I won’t be posting anymore fall or Samhain crafts. But behind the scenes I’ll be working ahead on new items and new blog material. My hope is when the month is up I’ll be a month ahead on my posts and I can use the moment to up ahead.

Also I’m thinking about adding more posts relevant to teaching. Not just talking about teaching but possibly doing Lesson Packs for parents to work with their children that would work well in a Pagan environment. I’d start with Pre-K young children but over time I’d work on increasing the age.

I’ll still be posting (mostly through shares of other awesome stuff) to the Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest, and most recently Tumblr. I also began and behind the scenes blog redesign I have yet to finish. Hopefully I can cover that too.

Already I feel a weight off my shoulders knowing that I won’t be playing catch up for a bit and maybe just maybe I can actually get organized and ahead of the game.

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  1. While I'll miss your posts, I'm glad that you're working :) The lesson packs sound interesting.

  2. I want you to know I will be missing your blogs.... BUT also have to tell you that we have been using Witches Primer: Grade One..... and I have spoken to the authoress, continued printing is supposed to happen, but I AM ECSTATIC THAT YOU WILL BE DOING LESSON PLANS FOR PAGAN CHILDREN!!!! Our Savannah has to go to school for the social and thereputic aspect, and we made sure that is not a Christian school because even though one mommy is an former cloistered Benedictine nun, and the other a witch we want to offer all beliefs up so that when old enough she can choose her own path. I said all of that to say, there is such a HUGE hole with regard to Pagan based education for our little ones!!!! We cannot thank you enough for taking up the challenge!!!! Goddess Bless!

  3. breaks are good they help you recharge and you are always doing oh so much. You know I enjoy your blog so much and even while you are on break I wanted to nominate you for the Witchy Blog award. It will be here for you to enjoy when you come back.



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