Monday, November 26, 2012

Sometimes You Find Yourself in Over your Head

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I was drowning. 

I found myself completely over my head about a month back. 

I wanted to scream, run away or find a nice hole to bury my head.

I took a deep breath and realized I needed a break to regroup and get organized. 

With adjusting to working outside the home again, trying to write Treegold and Beegold, create posts for Crafty Bees, keep up on the Etsy shop, run the Pagan Parenting Group and a load of other details beyond the house and family. I'm sure you can all understand I needed to regroup.

Thank you everyone for being patient I had a few reasons I really needed this break.

  • Since returning to work my life has become a lot more hectic and I was really feeling the strain.
  • I needed a chance to start a clean slate and put in place some new organizational tactics. ( I'll be blogging about those later. )
  • I needed to get ahead on my blog posts and tutorials. Not to continue to always scurry last minute.

What's Coming Up

Some things will be the same around here and some will be different. I'm still going to keep Monday Madness but it's going to focus only on personal news.

I want to start incorporating more of my knowledge I've learned about teaching and create Pagan friendly lesson materials. I want to use my already existing  Crafty Bees column over at The Pagan Village  to go hand and hand with lesson plans and packs posted here.

At first I'm going to focus on the younger ages but as time goes on I will make more available in a variety of age ranges. The first a Yule Pre-K Pack will be available this Wednesday.

Other regular posts will include tutorials, new to the shop items and some of my favorite pins from Pinterest.
The newsletter will continue and it will be running on a monthly schedule with the occasional flash sale or important message.

A New Plan, A strong start

I've been working on this relaunch for a month now and with this strong foundation and planning I have hopes for the future of Treegold and Beegold. I have a road map ahead of me and a stronger focus. Treegold and Beegold is going to return its focus to crafts and education for young and not so young. That is my life that I life right now it is entirely about creating and teaching. I want this to reflect that because that's what I'm passionate about.

Over the past few months I've gotten away from sharing things with all of you and that is something I feel I really needed to change. From here on out we're going to have a mix of tutorials here, sharing, education packs along with the personal post here and there.

I hope you all enjoy what I have in-store and please if you like it share it with your social media circles.

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