Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yule Tide Pre-K Pack

Pagan Yule Themed Education Pack


I’m often hearing Pagan Parents talking about looking for resources to help teach their children. I’ve heard parents are looking for items that specifically teach about Paganism and their faith along with Pagan inspired general education materials.

Lil ‘R is now going through “Mommy and Daddy Pre-K” as he was asked to leave the 2nd Pre-K after a month’s time. The reason why is the Pre-K wasn’t staffed to handle him, he needed 1 on 1 attention to stay focused which they weren’t able to provide. What we are still trying to figure out is whether his focus issues stem from a biological difference like ADHD or if his behavior was avoidance based because he wasn’t comprehending.

As a result I’m now developing curriculum for Lil ‘R to work on at home to ensure he’s prepared for Kindergarten. That is where the idea for making my own Education Printables came from and I’m happy to share my first one.

Yule-Tide-PreK-Pack-SmtoLrgThe Yule Tide Pre-K Pack features 25 pages of activities. These activities help with skills of writing, color association, sequencing, counting, number recognition, simple math, patterns, cutting, and shape recognition.

Download your copy of the Yule Tide Pre-K

Over time I will be adding more packs of different themes and expansions that cover other skills including older ages. I’m looking into making a feedback form to place in the sidebar for specific requests.

Print multiple copies or laminate them so your children can do them over and over again. These packs are designed for personal use and distributed for free if you have any questions see our Terms of Use if you have any questions about usage.

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  1. Or perhaps he is just a typically active little boy. Grandchild #2 never stops talking...once he's up, he's going & talking! He still is a very talkative little boy in Kindergarten. Then again, this is what his teacher expects him to be. As Ms. T. points out, this is what Kindergarten is begin to learn the rules of working within a group. With support from me, at home, he will be fine. Methinks that your preK teachers need to relax (which is the polite version of my personal opinion). Sweet pac, btw :)

    1. Before he was asked to leave the 2nd Pre-K I spent a full day their watching him. His current ability to pay attention and follow directions, even at home, is a bit below age level. Now whether he's maybe just a bit immature and will grow out of it that's what we're trying to find out before he enters Kindergarten.

  2. I love the pack!

    Keeping in mind that kindergarten has changed so much since we were young, our experience has been that it's better to sort out a child's issues before they get to kindergarten. I know in A's pre-k class at daycare, it's one teacher to 6 kids, and A is the least independent kid there.

    1. Yes you are so right. The expectations upon entering Kindergarten are very different now then they were when we were at that age. We're exploring multiple avenues from additional training for us, seeing a neurologist, our pediatrician along with continued schooling at home. Hopefully we'll have found what works for him before he starts next year.

  3. This is pretty awesome! We only have one vehicle and we live out of town, so pre-school isn't an option for our daughter. I've been looking for things to try at home with her, and this is great. Some of it is a bit out of her age range yet (she is only 3) but she will grow into it, haha! :)

    1. She'll get to them faster than you think too! I'm so glad everyone is liking it!



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