Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

What a year this has been, it's definitely had it's ups and downs. Emotionally I'm a bit surprised I'm holding it all together.

Treegold and Beegold both the blog and shop continue to grow. Both blog views and sales in the Etsy Shop continue to go off, (here's crossing our fingers that the post Yule sales decrease isn't too much.) In many ways this is the outlet for my creativity this has given me is the best emotional therapy I could ever have. I've learned about blog design, promotion, blog organization and made some great new friends. I'm sure this will just continue into the next year.

It's things on the home front that have been difficult:

  • This entire year I have either been unemployed or under employed. I'm still trying to get a full time position as a teacher but the year is now half over. 
  • Our roof needs to be replaced and is currently tarped. That won't hold out for much longer. 
  • The transmission went out on our SUV so we're down to just one car and it's a small car.
  • Then there was all the issues with Lil R's schooling. 

The good points are:

  • Everyone now has medical insurance so that isn't a worry and we have food assistance. 
  • I'm hoping we have a large enough tax refund to take care of the roof. 
  • And between selling off extra items like things the kids have out grown and Treegold and Beegold we can fix the car within a few months.
In the next week I'll make a post announcing some of our future plans around here. Right now I just wanted to do a reflection post as we sit at the end of 2012. I'll think about 2013 more tomorrow. 

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Years sweetie, to you and your family! Wishing you a prosperous 2013 filled with much love and happiness! Muwah!



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