Monday, December 3, 2012

Juggling Fabric, Words, Kids and Students while Hoping I don’t Drop Any

PlannerI have a lot on my plate now: this blog, the Treegold and Beegold Etsy Shop, work, family, and household responsibilities.

I though I would share some of the strategies I put in place over my break to keep me straight.


I created a Planner that features a Monthly and Weekly Calendars. It’s specific to me but if you would like the PDF here is it. I printed it out in booklet form with 2 pages per page, front and back. Then just clipped it together with binder clips. Yeah I'm going really low tech here. Please don't take away my crafty card.

If there is interest I’ll do a full post on it.

But now that I’m not at home as much since I’m working again and my job doesn't allow me computer access I've had to go a bit old fashioned on many things. One thing it has given me is time to think out ideas ahead of time. Often though I can’t do anything about those ideas until that evening or sometimes the following weekend.

What I do is this:

  • I now plan my blog posts in general a month in advance and use the weekly calendar to add more details.
  • I write whenever I can even if I’m not at a computer. I write posts on notebook paper while in a class if I’m able, or I type on my tablets blogger app or even just in an email to save for later.
  • I preplan all of my crafts, write out the materials and the general steps in my little planner so actually completing the craft takes as little time as possible.



I seem to always be working.

I keep up with social media from my phone or tablet while watching shows with the Hubby in the evenings. I work on portable projects such as crochet, knitting, cutting fabric or clay in the living room during TV time also. I recently downloaded a great drawing app so I’ve begun doing sketches all around the house too. Certain shows are still sacred though and no crafts will be done. The Walking Dead is one of those shows.

I’ve come to learn that at certain times of day I am more productive doing specific activities. First thing in the morning is when I’m best at printing out, lists and prep work. Nap time or right before lunch is the best for in depth crafts or projects. While late evening is when I seem to write the best. If I keep my activities to when I’m most productive doing them they take less time. I guess that is mostly a bit of getting to know myself.


The biggest thing especially around the house is forming good habits.
  • I’m trying to be proactive and not let little stuff build up.
  • Forming good routines.
  • Preplanning even when I don’t want to.
I’m still working on our household. I want to get back into meal planning and freezer cooking. When I had them well working I found dinners so much simpler. It’s this constant battle as is all the household responsibilities. I’ll definitely share if I start to get them down.

I’d love to hear some tips though. What kinds of things do any of you do that help you manage all of your responsibilities?

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