Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crafty Bees: Pom Pom Yule Trees

Craft Bees - Pom Pom Yule Tree Tutorial

 Crafty Bees is back. I know it’s been a bit but in that time I thought about how I could better serve my Crafty Bees column by intergrating it with my increased focus on education.

I posted up my first Education Pack that is Yule Themed last week, make sure to check it out and stay turned for future packs. My goal is to continue to not just make pagan themed crafts for kids but also to note places where education can be worked into the craft.

Today I have up over on The Pagan Village a simple Yule tree make from yarn pom poms but I’ve also written up ideas for small and older children on how to turn this simple craft into a more educational experience.

I hope you all enjoy it and subscribe to Treegold and Beegold along with The Pagan Village to keep up to date on all new posts.

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