Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tutorial and Pattern for a Simple Sun Ornament

Tutorial Felt Sun Ornament


For some of us the winter holidays are about celebrating the cycle of nature. It is the Winter Solstice when the time of daylight reaches it’s minimum for the year and the days begin to lengthen again.

To celebrate that today we are making a Simple Felt Sun Ornament to place on your tree or anywhere you would like to hang out.

What you Need

How to Make It

Tutorial Felt Sun Ornament

Download the Sun Felt Pattern from here, print it out and cut it out.
Cut from the Yellow Felt 2 of the larger Sun Bursts Shape.
Cut from the Orange 2 of the smaller Circles.

Tutorial Felt Sun Ornament

Using your sewing machine or hand sew stitch one Circle to each of the Sun Bursts.

Tutorial Felt Sun OrnamentWith wrong sides together begin sewing the 2 Sun Bursts to each other. At a point that you decide is the top sew a loop of ribbon to the top. 4 inches in length is a good size for the ribbon. Continue stitching around until there is only a small section left open.
Add Poly-fill Stuffing to your ornament through the small hole left open. How much you add depends on how puffy you want the ornament. I kept the stuffing pretty minimal.

Tutorial Felt Sun Ornament

Finish stitching up the rest of the Sun Burst.
Place the Ornament wherever you want it.

Another idea is you could add herbs or items that symbolize the sun inside it with the filling. This could either be make into a charm or as a learning opportunity with the children. A third idea is to leave a very small opening in the bottom of the ornament and put one of the string lights from your tree inside it. It could give it a nice glow.

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