Monday, June 25, 2012

MM: School, Interviews & Tropical Storm Debby

MondayMadnessLogoThings have definitely been over the top around here. Some days I’m wondering how much of it all I can continue to juggle.

Disappointment in the Job World Still

The past 2 weeks have involved a large amount of school work and getting things together to start applying for teaching positions. Last Tuesday was Teacher Interview Day for our county.

This is a day where all the schools get together and do mass interviews for their open positions. Some people get hired on the spot but many principles take time before giving offers. I interviewed with 8 or more schools.

I to my disappointment did not walk away with an offer or assurances that they really like me. One big plus is it really helped me with my interview skills.

So I’m in limbo still. I need to put out more resumes but life keeps throwing me curves balls.

Tropical Storm Debby I loathe You

If you don’t live in the South East US or are not a weather channel/news junkie you may not know that we have a Tropical Storm moving at a crawl over top of us.

I’ve live in Florida my entire life and a Tropical Storm is generally not a reason to panic. Unfortunately this one is dropping a severe amount of rain and our roof is old.

It’s leaking in multiple places and has even created  sizable crack in one ceiling.

I have known our roof was old but was hoping it would hold out until I had employment and could work out a loan. Without employment I’m not sure what we are going to do but we are out of options. We have to do something now. Even though I’m doubting insurance will fully cover it I’ve still filed a claim in hopes that it will help.

Maybe with the election stuff heating up my Cthulu for President decal will heat up. I’d only need to sell 1500 or so to pay for the roof.

Hoping for the best!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MM Delayed: Personal Creativity Slump and New Pagan Women Decals

MondayMadnessLogoI know it and I say it to myself always; being creative fosters more creativity.

:: Bang Head ::

I haven’t been doing that though and I’m starting to slip out of the habit of some things.

I know I’ve been slacking a bit here at the blog. I wanted to do a Summer Blog Hop but I didn’t get it scheduled.

Bad Me

I had intended to have many more of the Pagan Family Decals done by now.

Bad Me

I hadn’t intended for my doing crafts over at The Pagan Village to cause me to stop doing tutorials here.

Bad Me

I’m letting things distract me and they aren’t necessarily good things. When I first started the shop and blog it was a great way to help fight my depression because I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Somehow I let that slip away from me and I need to get it back.

You know when you can stand back look at yourself and see all the things you are doing that just aren’t helping?

Yeah I have a few of those. Some of them include not sleeping well, not eating the best or exercising. I’ve gained weight in the past months and I always feel like I have no energy.

I’m not organized anymore so I keep missing little things.

Somehow I need to ground, find my center, tackle the back log and start anew.

The next 2 weeks are going to be hectic as Lil’ R’s birthday is this Saturday and projects are coming due in classes. Is it procrastinating to say I’ll start then or should I kick myself in the butt and begin today?

A Look at those new Pagan Female Decals

I’m very happy I got these done because I’ve had a few people asking for woman without witch hats. I need to just finish the Teen Girls and Child Girls.

Adult Woman Pagan Stick Figures Vinyl DecalsAdult Woman Pagan Stick Figures Vinyl Decals

As with all the other decals mix and match them to make your entire pagan family, including the furry children!


Crafty Bees: Some time Spent with the Fay

IMG_1890Today if you jump over to Crafty Bees at The Pagan Village you will find I am talking about Faeries and how to make small faery dolls.

Come over and check it out!

Mid Summer is almost here, and as it gets warmer the more and more I just want to veg with a book! I still have an update to do here for the week and some other stuff planned. Let’s hope the universe and my mood aligns!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Facebook Page for Pagan Parenting, different then the Group

Pagan Parenting LogoA few months back I made a Pagan Parenting Facebook Page but I just started advertising it yesterday. When I made it I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it but I wanted to snag the URL. I’m sure some of you understand that.

A few people had found the page on their own through Facebook searches and started to post things to it. I felt that meant I should probably start using it myself.

When I first advertised the new Page on the existing Pagan Parenting Facebook Group I was confronted with some extremely blunt though decently on point criticism about having two things that may overlap. My first reaction was to go on the defensive but I put on my big girl panties, took it for the advise it really was and thought about what I was really going to do here.

So the Plan for the Group and the Page

First this has nothing to do with the Treegold and Beegold Facebook Fan Page.  

The Pagan Parenting Facebook Group is functioning really well as a discussion group with members bringing forth and sharing various things to talk about. At times I hold back on sharing too much in the way of blogs or news articles because they actually seem to stifle the discussion.

Inspiration struck with that as to how the Pagan Parenting Facebook Page will be different. For one I know many people who don’t like being a part of Facebook Groups for many reasons. So if any of you are like that I understand, the Page is specifically for you all who want to learn about various Pagan Parenting things.

It’s going to have more news stories, blog posts etc shared to it then will be the the Facebook Group. Only those that are good for discussion will be also shared to the Group. I’ll also be posting more quick questions that are more for sharing then discussion, along with polls.

The Growth of Pagan Parenting on the Web

Does that all seem to make sense? The amount of material out there in regards to Pagan Parenting is growing by leaps and bounds recently it’s just finding it all.

If this goes well I may be looking for others to help moderate the page. I would love for a few other Bloggers who also post about Pagan Parenting issues to help moderate run it and find content.

Let me know if you’re interested!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crafty Bees: Solar Salt Dough Ornaments

Today if you jump over to Crafty Bees at The Pagan Village you will find I am talking about Solar Deities and making Salt Dough Sun Ornaments with the kids.

Come over and check it out!

It’s sunny and hot here in Florida so about all we are thinking about is the sun or ways to get cool!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Monday, June 4, 2012

MM: Gardening and Custom Patch Orders

Yes I know writing the Monday Madness a bit late today. But boy has a lot gone on.

Have you heard about, and how you can take advantage that it gives you free money towards purchases? Well Treegold & Beegold now has some items up on Yardsellr Here.

It’s just another way you can find our items!

Custom Items done Last Week

This past week I was doing a lot of custom orders and here are some of the final pictures from them. I’ll be putting some of these up as available items in the Etsy Shop later this week.



Top Left: Traditional Pentacle in Silver

Top Right: First Degree Pentacle

Bottom Left: A Custom Patch for a band out of Ohio

Bottom Right: Rectangular Wiccan Pride patches for the sides of a ball cap

Getting some Gardening Done

With rainy season just about to start I decided it was time to try to spruce up the front of our house with some plants. The family ran over to the nearby nursery this morning to pick out some plants and I had them all in the ground by 2 pm.

Yes I took pictures!


I still have some more to add but it’s definitely a start. It’s better than the weeds that were there before. Lets hope I can keep them alive!!

I hope everyone has a great week.

Any good pointers on keeping plants alive other than remembering to water them?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Kindred: You can’t pick who you are related to but you can pick your family

Kindred to some is just another word for family. It’s a commonly used word in English and often in phrases like, Kindred Spirit.

In Heathenry it has a similar yet different meaning. I refers more to chosen group of family in the similar way that a coven can be a chosen family. It’s often held together by oaths of kinship and a sense of a common purpose.

I’m going to go a bit on the personal side again today. Currently I’m not involved in any specific group be it held together by oaths or not. I have spent my far amount of time in such groups. I’ve three times been in groups in which all members oathed to each other. One was a Coven while I was in my early days of college and identified as an Eclectic. The two others have both been Heathen Kindreds.

Honestly I think any group with common oaths just like your biological family can be the most rewarding and the most stressful of relationships. Sometimes I really miss being involved with a Kindred. But I left that group right before I started my own family and now I see things very differently.

I guess one could say I’m forming my own Kindred now that is blood. Maybe one day we’ll find a like minded family or two and join together to make a Clan of our own.

Are any of you a part of a group? Does it involve oaths or is it just open membership? If not do you prefer not to be or have you ever been?

Come on I’m curious!!


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