Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turning 30, Where Did the Time Go?

g3129I wasn’t originally going to even acknowledge it but today is my birthday.
It isn’t just any birthday though, it’s my 30th.
Society has deemed that I should feel something different about hitting this age but really I feel nothing about it.
Maybe this is because I haven’t really celebrated my birthday in years. The last birthday I had that was made into any type of deal was my 25th.
Mostly I think I’m in shock because it’s a realization of how much time has flown by. Since my children were born life seems to be going lightning fast.

Homecoming98bJust the other day I found another group of old photos from my mom’s house. Here to share with you all, me at 16.
Besides how no so long ago the past seems to have been. I didn’t do anything to prep for this birthday.
I didn’t do a 30 before 30 list. Gosh I don’t even have a bucket list for the future.
I think that’s because at the moment I’m in pure survival mode and the future beyond regaining stability is more than I want to think about.
Let’s just hope that when I go to hit 40 I’ll stop and smell the roses more.
Today I have to look forward to the fact that Hubby says he’s going to make dinner and even try to bake a cake for me.
Now that I am super looking forward to!

Crafty Bees: Lughnasadh Turtle Bread

CraftyBeesLogoAs I talked about yesterday in my personal update, I’m getting back into the swing of things.

One what better way then to ensure I have a post up for Crafty Bees over at The Pagan Village.

Today we’re making Turtle Bread. I’m sure you all get the bread reference but turtle I say? Yep we love turtles in this house so we make turtle bread.

Though making turtle sandwiches using the bread does seem a bit wrong.

Some jump over and check out the post.


Monday, July 30, 2012

MM: Where the Hell Have I Been?

Hey everyone.

MondayMadnessLogoYep I fell off the face of the Earth for a bit. In that time though I finished my classes, passed all my certification exams, and I have filed my paperwork with the state for my Professional Teaching Certificate.

Yes it is official I can teach kids, now to just find a job. My back up plan is I will begin by substitute teaching. I’m already set up to start that at the beginning of September if I don’t find a full position before hand.

I’m trying not to get down over this. I have been told by many that it’s incredibly common to be hired on from a substitute position to a full position before even winter break.

ID-10090977I was offered one position at a Charter school in the next county over. Being that they’re a charter school they can set their own pay rates and the offered amount was just too low when combined with an almost hour commute time.

It was an ego boast I really needed though. At least someone liked me and I’m sure my interviewing skills are getting better. I’ve never gone on so many interviews in my life.

Now that life has slowed back down I’m working hard on getting back on a schedule regarding the blog and the business. Today is going to be a major writing day in an attempt to get myself ahead.

What I have in the works.

I’m trying to catch up on all my great Bloggers I read but I am so far behind it may be a lost cause.


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