Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals for 2013: Personal, Blog and Business

2013 Goals by TreegoldandBeegold.com2013 will be a good year! 

I have high hopes for it and I will ensure that it is good. I need to take this year by the horns and ensure it is better than 2012.

I’m not one for traditional resolutions but I do believe in having goals, and I want to make goals for the blog, the shop and myself personally.

Blog Goals

  • Put out at least 6 Pre-K Packs in 2013
  • Post to the blog at a minimum of 2 times a week
  • Open up the Blog for Guest Posting
  • Host 2 Blog Hops
  • Participate in at least 4 other Blog Sketch for the Concept of Reborn Totem Plushies by TreegoldandBeegold.comHops
  • Have at least 2 tutorials every month
  • Put out the newsletter monthly

Shop Goals

  • Have up at least 4 new items every month
  • Add jewelry for children and adults by the end of the year
  • Increase the lines available for Geek and Boy items
  • Finally get the idea for Reborn Totem Plushies off the drawing board and into the shop.
  • Add more hats and layette items for babies

Personal Goals

  • Eat better and slowly loose weight
  • Get a permanent teaching position
  • Get better organized so I have more quality time with the family
  • Find ways to rediscover me in both a personal and spiritual way.

I look forward to sitting at the end of 2013 and having met all of these goals Plus some more. I really have tried to stay realistic.

What type of goals have you set for yourself, your blog or your business? What is it you want to reach for this year?

Here’s to making a great 2013!

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  1. What a nice blog - I'm new to your site. Where did you find the kewl sharing tiles? green/white.

    those are neat! I don't think I knew about the sharing links.

  2. Hi Leila! Thank you for coming by and I actually made the graphics myself. I got the idea from another blogger originally but made some to match my theme.

  3. I'm still working on getting all mine down on paper. *sigh* Think it means I'm biting off more than I can chew? Haha. Actually using Leonie's Workbooks that Rowan Pendragon had blogged about, which is helping but also involved enough it's taking a bit to finish with crocheting & a toddler. O.o Lol! Looks like you have a fabulous & well rounded 2013 ahead of you! ^w^



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