Friday, January 4, 2013

Tutorial: Inlaid Image Bottle Cap Embellishments

Tutorial Bottle Cap Pendants


A few weeks ago someone nabbed a few of my photos through a Google Image search and posted them to their Facebook Page without any reference to their source. I was thankfully alerted by Anastasia of Inspired by Life when she saw the photos and recognized them as my work. The photos came from one of my first posts I ever did here on Treegold and Beegold and unfortunately I hadn’t watermarked the images (I’ve seen gone back and done so).

If you were following on my Facebook Fan Page then you know all the details of what happened but in the end the Offending Page took down my photos after I private messaged them a link to the original blog post and claimed ownership of those photos. Honestly I’d rather they had kept the photos up and just given me some credit! Hey it’s publicity. I’m all for sharing just let people know where it came from. It bothered me that the owner of the page said the got the photos from a Google Image search and didn’t realize they were mine.
Lesson to everyone. In a Google Image search under the thumbnail is a link that says Source always follow that back to find the original page the image was listed on. Just because it’s on Google doesn’t make it fair game. Lesson to creators, Watermark Everything!
In the comments before the photos were removed included many from people asking how they were made. The Page owner didn’t have it correct so I thought I’d make a tutorial out of it.
Honestly it’s really simple. If you’re a scrap booker then you may have some of the supplies already on hand. 

Tools Needed Supplies Needed
1 inch Paper Punch Flattened Bottle Caps
Images* or Decorative Paper
Glue Dots
Fine Glitter
Resin or 3D Crystal Lacquer

*Images can be gotten from a variety of sources. You can use magazines, pictures printed from online or as I have used, graphics designed specifically for use with a 1” punch. These images are printed on photo paper through a local photo developing location. I have an assortment of pagan themed images available in the Etsy Shop for purchase. I will also create custom images on request.

Bottle Cap Embellishment Tutorial by


Once you have these made you can use them in a variety of ways. Put a hole through the top of the bottle cap to make a pendant like it did in these Fall Polymer Leaf Necklaces. Glue them to a hair bow like I have in my elemental hair bows. They can be used in scrap booking, glued to a bobby pin as a hair accessory or attached to a pin back to make a broach.

I’d love if anyone made these to share the photos. I’ve created a Pinterest Board  to post anyone’s shared items. So leave a comment, tag a Pin on Pinterest #TreegoldandBeegold or message me and I’ll add you as a contributor to the board. This is an experiment here but I’d love to see what everyone else is doing.

What is the first project that comes to mind to use this tutorial on?

If you enjoyed this or think someone else would be interested please share the love and use the sharing links below this post. 


  1. Very cool V! Sorry someone stole your pics though. People do think, if it's on the net, its game. I thought that too when I first started blogging and then found out otherwise. :)

    1. It's something most don't realize at first it's truly the test though is if someone stops when they are informed.

  2. Bummer about the pics. Seems like we all have to watermark everything anymore between people not knowing any better & thieves. >.< Awesome tutorial though & I can't wait to give it a try!

  3. How do you get the design not to run after printing?

    1. I had them printed as a photo by a local photo store.



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