Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Love Cthulhu around here and New Tarot Bags

We have some new items that were created around the holiday season I haven’t gotten to announce yet. I’ve added 2 new items themed after Cthulu and a few new Tarot bags!

New Cthulhu Products

I have a weakness for Chibi Cthulhu images. When I first discovered this embroidery at Urban Threads I new I had to adapt it to create a patch and here he is! This cute Cthulhu is about 3.8 inches x 3.8 inches in size and will be a great addition to a bag, jacket or other item you want to place him on.

*For more details please visit the Cthulhu Patch listing in our Etsy Shop.
Cthulhu Patch by Treegold and Beegold

Want a little Cthulhu Mascot that will sit on his own, well I used the same embroidery for the patch and have created a little plush guy with it instead.

Lil’ R has actually had a Cthulhu stuffed animal since he was just under a year old and now this little guy is one of my desk mascots. I’d love to see him in other peoples homes too.

*For more details please visit the Cthulhu Plush listing in the Etsy Shop.

Cthulhu Embroidered Plush by Treegold and Beegold

*If you haven’t heard of Cthulhu before here is the Wikipedia entry on him for a basic overview.


New Tarot Bags

This new Triskele tarot bag features a triskele in 2 shades of green with a copper colored knotwork interwoven through it. It’s dimensions are the same of all our tarot bags and fit standard 3 x 5 decks along with ones slightly larger.

*For more details please visit the Triskele Tarot Bag Listing in our Etsy store.
Triskele Embroidered Tarot or Rune Bag by Treegold and Beegold

Our new Celtic Knotwork Moon Tarot bag is done entirely in silver colored thread and features the phrase “So Mote It Be”. By request I will also create it without the phrase if desired. Dimensions are the same as all our standard tarot bags.

*For more details please visit the Celtic Knotwork Moon Tarot Bag listing in our Etsy store.
So Mote it Be Embroidered Celtic Moon Tarot or Rune Bag by Treegold and Beegold

Our last new tarot bag is our first Steampunk design. It features a green baroque set of dragons upon an ornate gear system all done in complimentary shades of grays and light golds. This bag also has the same dimensions as our standard tarot bags.

*For more details please visit the Dragon Steampunk Tarot Bag listing in our Etsy store.
Steampunk Dragon Embroidered Tarot or Rune bag by Treegold and Beegold


I’m always trying to add more designs but I’d love to hear if there is anything in particular you’re hoping for. Please leave a comment with your requests and I’ll put them at the top of the list!

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  1. Really loving all the new stuff you're coming up with for the shop! Keep up the good work! Really hope one of these days I can get a new tarot bag or 2 from you! <3

    1. Aww thanks I really like making the Tarot bags, they're simple sewing but allow for great usage of the embroidery. I hope to keep adding more and more in the future.



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