Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter’s End Pre-K Educational Pack

Spring Beginning Hibernation Ending Pre-K Pack

Our newest Pre-K Educational Pack is now available for download. I’ve named it Winter’s End as it celebrates the end of Winter when snow can still be found on the ground but new shoots are starting to peak through.

It has themes of animals coming out of hibernating (like the Groundhog) and the birth of new animals like Sheep. It also brings in imagery of Imbolc with both the birth of lambs but also milk and milk products.

All images are created by myself specifically for this Pre-K Pack.

It includes 25 Pages of Pre-K Skill Activities. Skills include:
  • counting
  • pre-writing
  • word tracing
  • size recognition
  • sequencing
  • pattern determination
  • simple math
  • which is different
  • cutting practice

Download Your PDF Copy of the Winter’s End Pre-K Pack Here

I hope you all enjoy!

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