Monday, January 28, 2013

Quiet Weekend and Video Games

SimCity Beta ReviewOrders were a bit slower come this weekend so it gave me a much needed break. I worked on a custom patch order but I still have a lot more to do with it. They take a lot of work. I also took some time to just play some video games, including the new SimCity Beta that was available this weekend only.

Hubby actually asked me to write a review on it for his blog, Geeky Goth Gamer Dad which was posted yesterday. I also played a bit of my SIMS Medieval game Hubby got me for Yule. It is rare that I get time for video games often. I even went to sleep early on Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me to feel completely prepared for returning to school today.

I foresee a very long week ahead!

Hedgehog ClipartUpcoming: the next Pre-K Pack titled Winter’s End will be available on Wednesday.
I finished it last night. Right now it’s very time consuming making all of the graphics but I believe I will eventually have a pretty good stock pile of images. Once I’m at that point it will hopefully be much quicker to create a wide variety of lesson plans. I think I made over 20 images for this pack, and most of them animals.
Now that this one is done I need to start thinking about the next one which should be for Eostra. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of different colored eggs.

Any imagery you all want to be sure to see in a future Pre-K Pack?

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  1. Isn't it nice when you can just relax?!?! Glad you had some down time!



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