Friday, January 18, 2013

Resin Pendant Tutorial Fail

I had planned to have a tutorial up today about making a simple floating flame resin pendant. Not all things go as planned though and I had a definite fail. I bought the wrong kind of resin.

I needed transparent resin and I picked up resin that dries white. You can see both my end result and the supplies in the photos.

I'm going to reorder some soon and then we can try this again. If I can pull it of I think it'll be pretty nice looking.

I don't show them often but I actually have a lot of mess ups behind the scenes. I keep on trying and learning though.

Anyone else want to share their most recent craft mistake?



  1. I've had so many craft fails I couldn't even list them all here. I can see what you're talking about and how good it could look when you get the right resin. Can't wait to see the final product!

    1. Thanks and even seeing my mess up I'm anxious to complete it using the correct thing too. I think I could make an interesting line of elemental pendants.

  2. Still looks kind of cool, though! Can't wait to see what you come out with! I don't have a pic but I'm working on a way to crochet a cube other than what I can find online because they just don't look like what I want mine to look. My first side came out like more of a Pentagon than a square, lol.

    1. Cubes are tough, I've only see one really nice crochet cube but they didn't offer the pattern free. I believe they had it for sale but I've unfortunately forgotten which blogger it was (it may have been Planet June). Good luck though, getting that sharp corner is tough.



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