Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures with 1st Graders

Mobile blogging today as I mismanaged my time this weekend.

I've been substitute teaching for over 5 months now. I will say it's been quite an adventure. In that time I've twice covered classes for multiple weeks were I was the teacher doing full lessons ever day. In one of those classes I was even in charge of lesson planning.

Last week I had a first though. I began substituting at a K-8 charter school. Wow are the little ones different than Middle or High Schoolers.

I get my first call the afternoon after I finish up my paperwork. A teacher needed to leave suddenly. She taught first grade. I think my eyes bugged out of my head.

I started my time with the students taking them to recess. They saw that play ground and went wild. I was in shock at first. I have small kids but having 15 or so was slightly over whelming.

What I really wasn't prepared for was the amount of referring I had to do. There were multiple cases of so and so pushed me. The craziest was a girl in years because one of the other girls was ignoring her and wouldn't talk to her. I had to just stand them in front of each other and force the start of a conversation. After that every thing seemed fine. I even had two clinic trips for minor boo boos.

I've covered elementary specials since that day. I've realized I'm not cut out for the little ones. 3rd grade and up maybe but a room of the littlest is more then I can mentally handle.

If I end up with a kindergarten class for a full day I let you all know how it goes.

Does anyone else have any experience with teaching groups of anal children? Any pointers?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Favorite Free Magical Fonts 1

Recently I’ve become quite the collector of fonts. I’m always searching out fonts to use in my graphics here on Treegold and Beegold, in the Educational Printables, and just for personal uses.

Today I’m going to share with you all my first collection of fonts I love. It consists of 10 Magical Fonts. The links are below the image and if you like this please Pin it to Pinterest or share it with your social networking groups.

Treegold and Beegold: Free Magical Fonts 1


Are any of you also Font Addicts? If so what is your favorite artistic font style? Do you love scripts or are you a sucker for handwritten styles? Let me know in the comments section.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Floppy Snoopy

It’s Monday again and time for my more personal weekly update. If you all haven’t noticed I’ve been keeping busy. Make Sure to vote on the poll at the end of this post please.

Last week I did my first Video Clip that I posted to my YouTube Channel that showed off a bit of a Friday’s Tutorial on creating a Secret Book for a Cell Phone, while I was working on it. I thought it’d be nice to start letting you all see me a bit, including my face. I know my fingers make it into a lot of photo shots but this is a bit more real. My adventures into using Instagram to do mini photo updates has been working really well. I thought that YouTube could be another nice quick addition to provide you all with interesting information.
If you’re active on either YouTube or Instagram subscribe or follow me and I’ll be sure to do likewise.

I Think A Few People are Finally Noticing Me

Other news I’ve passed 1000 Twitter followers. Now I’m honestly not sure how many of those followers are bots who want to sell me the newest diet fad and how many are real people. I still think it’s a bit of an accomplishment. My Facebook Fan Page isn’t doing too shabby either with over 800 fans now.

On the Job Front

I have part time teaching job lined up. It’s for a Virtual School so the job is entirely remote which is awesome and it’s under 20 hours a week of work. I don’t know when I’ll start because it will be based upon enrollment numbers but hopefully before April I’ll get the call to start training. No matter what this is good news because well we need more income around here.

On Lil’ R and School

I had a realization this weekend about Lil’ R and worries of his future schooling. I’ve been paying attention to Lil’ R pretty carefully and how he learns for a few months now. I’ve noticed he’s having a hard time remember letter sounds and phonics seems to make no sense to him at all. I think there is a good reason for this. I think Lil’ R is a Visual – Spatial learner. For these types of learners Auditory stuff just doesn’t click. I’m a strong Visual learner myself and I remember initially having difficulty with reading but once it clicked I ran with it.

I’ve realized we need to make sure Lil’ R has a basis for Reading before he enters Kindergarten in the fall or he may struggle badly. So now I’m doing a lot of research on methods to help him learn to read now but if anyone has any tips of what they've done please share.

Help Me Out with this Poll

A few weeks ago I posted on a Monday Update post a poll asking at what types of items I should think of doing next. Overwhelming the response was for more Geek Items. Now I need your help in exactly what type of Geek items I should do. Remember just because I decide to go one route first doesn’t mean I won’t be revisiting any of the other ideas in the future.

Geek Items it is so now What Type?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Tutorial: Secret Book Mobile Phone Hiding Spot

Treegold and Beegold: Tutorial to Create a Secret Book for a Mobile Phone


Most of us live on our Mobile Phones now. I know I do, and I do a lot of work from mine while out and about. Sometimes we don’t want someone else to know we are using our mobile phone or even just reading something on it.

For me it was a few weeks back. I was substituting a class for multiple days and the students were taking their final exams. These were 2 hour exams where most students were taking the entire time available. That left a lot of down time for me in the room. I could just stare at the students as they worked but that gets very boring after awhile. I wanted to read my book but I read books on either my Nook at home or on my phone. I didn’t want the students to see me reading on my phone because I assumed they would think I was doing something different. That’s when I thought of adapting the awesome secret books I’ve seen around the web specifically for a mobile phone.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Break? What’s a Break

Treegold and Beegold: Tags from the Heart Tag Swap
2 of my Tags for the Tags from the Heart Swap
Imbolc Blessings everyone! I hope you had a great day and if you didn’t catch it last week I posted up a new Pre-K Pack called Winter’s End.

After last weekend being fairly calm this weekend was a complete whirlwind of activity.

On Saturday I had an all day interview with a Virtual School where almost all teachers work from home. I’m applying for a part time position though they do have full time available. As of this moment I’m still unsure if I’ve gotten the job but I sure hope so.

Though the idea of working 2 jobs, while maintaining Treegold and Beegold sounds tough, I gotta do what I have to do to take care of my family.

Inspiration Avenue
I didn’t get home on Saturday until right before the kids bed time and I was just too tired after the munchkins were in bed so Sunday turned into a very busy day. I had a good amount of orders to do along with finishing some tags I created for the Inspiration Avenue Tags from the Heart Swap. It’s actually the first swap I’ve ever joined into and I hope to have them out tomorrow in the mail to go to their new homes.

I completely forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday and decided to hit up Walmart with Lil ‘R for a few necessities during naptime. Oh my Gods was that a bad idea. It was a mad house in there and I’m shocked we survived. Had many a near miss with our cart. Which pulled to the right very bad. I swear I got a good arm workout just getting around the store.

In other parent news Wee Rose used the potty for the first time on Sunday. Not sure how intense we are going to be on the Potty Training but it’s good to see her taking the first steps. I’ll love the day when there are no more diapers in this house.

At least this week ahead is a short week with only 4 days of school. Friday there is no school for students so that means no school for substitutes either. After having truly a 1 day weekend I’m in serious need of that 3 day one ahead.

Did anyone do anything special with the family for Imbolc? Any rituals or activities? I’d love to hear so please share in the comments!

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