Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures with 1st Graders

Mobile blogging today as I mismanaged my time this weekend.

I've been substitute teaching for over 5 months now. I will say it's been quite an adventure. In that time I've twice covered classes for multiple weeks were I was the teacher doing full lessons ever day. In one of those classes I was even in charge of lesson planning.

Last week I had a first though. I began substituting at a K-8 charter school. Wow are the little ones different than Middle or High Schoolers.

I get my first call the afternoon after I finish up my paperwork. A teacher needed to leave suddenly. She taught first grade. I think my eyes bugged out of my head.

I started my time with the students taking them to recess. They saw that play ground and went wild. I was in shock at first. I have small kids but having 15 or so was slightly over whelming.

What I really wasn't prepared for was the amount of referring I had to do. There were multiple cases of so and so pushed me. The craziest was a girl in years because one of the other girls was ignoring her and wouldn't talk to her. I had to just stand them in front of each other and force the start of a conversation. After that every thing seemed fine. I even had two clinic trips for minor boo boos.

I've covered elementary specials since that day. I've realized I'm not cut out for the little ones. 3rd grade and up maybe but a room of the littlest is more then I can mentally handle.

If I end up with a kindergarten class for a full day I let you all know how it goes.

Does anyone else have any experience with teaching groups of anal children? Any pointers?

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