Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Le Sigh: How Life Gets in the Way

This is going to be a bit more of a personal post as it's been forever since I wrote anything.

To start off I swear I will not promise I'm going to post more, say how bad I've been and give plans. Nope this is just a post no clue when the next will be. 
Brainstorming Puzzle Pieces
using Isometric Drawings

I believe the last time I wrote I said about how I had gotten a full-time teaching job and my time had become very limited. Yep that's true. I've been working at a local high school since the start of the school year teaching the the Freshman level Engineering Magnet Classes along with Drafting. I love it! Though freshman can be a bit tiresome at times, mostly because they're impatient and seem to lack in common sense, I love the material and they are amusing.

I have my part time Online Math teaching job going also so wow am I busy. I miss this blog and everyone so much though.

Here's some examples of things we've done in class.

2 Point Perspective Drawing

We do a lot of sketches and drawings. In Engineering we go through the design process where in Drafting we talk about and complete technical drawings.

These are hand examples but we do a lot on the computer also. The amount of technology I use on a given day is crazy. Without my phone I feel like I've lost a hand because I use it for all sorts of things on a day to day basis.
The Tardis- 3D Printed - Not done as a class project
but by 2 students in their spare time.

My students are also huge geeks. Mostly boys and that I have had to stop numerous arguments on who is the stronger super hereo, Marvel vs. DC, Xbox One vs PS4, Star Wars vs Star Trek, PC vs Mac, Apple vs Android. The list goes on and on.

It does make my day more interesting that many of my students like the same things as me but I do have to be careful because they are not all geeks.

A story from a few weeks ago. I'm describing the different between the Center of Gravity of an Object and it's Centroid. I used the example of a broad sword where the center of gravity is right at the hilt but the centroid would be down the blade. Yeah most of them got it right away.

I worry about running into them at Comic Conventions though, some even cosplay. I was spared any run it at Ren Fair but I don't think I'll be so lucky with the Cons.

Besides a general update I have an idea for a post about technology I use in the classroom. Some of it may come in handy for Homeschool parents or others who teach online.

Writing this post I hadn't realized how much I miss writing the blog. I'll attempt to find some time and with summer just around the corner maybe I'll succeed. I hope everyone is doing okay. :)

In Frith,

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  1. Sounds like your class is really interesting :) Awesome Tardis!

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying what you do! Those kids are lucky to have you as their teacher! All the best! Nicole

  3. Girl get on it and post again. The Pagan Blog Project for 2014 is on week 22. I am deciding I want to get back to blogging. I have been working on a new one all weekend and this time its going to be one topic instead of everything I have an interest in. Lol!



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