Terms of Use

 Terms of Use/Conditions for our Patterns and Designs

Your purchase of our patterns, instructions, images, and/or graphics, etc. includes a limited use license from Treegold and Beegold.  You are only limited by what you can create by hand.

Treegold and Beegold reserves the rights to all patterns, instructions, images, digital works and designs.  All content is protected by copyright, therefore whether in whole or in part, instructions, patterns images, etc. may NOT be duplicated (printed, photo copied, etc.), shared, published, or resold in whole or in part.

Items made from our patterns or individual pieces may be resold but design credit must be given to Treegold and Beegold for the parts used or the pattern created from. With each purchase of a physical component item, such as our embroidery pieces, a tag will be included to be place on the finished item. This tag may not be modified but the information may be replicated and/or combined onto another tag made by the resaler. All information about the original tag must be included. A PDF can also be requested of these tags and will be provided at no cost.

All resellers must also register with Treegold & Beegold, by providing their name, web address and/or physical location. This information will be used to generate a listing of retailers for display in Treegold & Beegold’s website.

Other Key Notes:

Our patterns, instructions, images, etc. may not be used to create any type of kit that includes pre-cut or pre-torn pieces for assembly.
Our patterns, instructions, images or files may not be offered for free for file sharing on public or private websites or message boards.
Our patterns, instructions, images, graphics, etc. may not be used to create printed products or patterns for resale or distribution.  Patterns are under copyright.  All patterns must be purchased directly from Treegold and Beegold.

By owning our patterns, you maintain the right to the use of this product as stated within these terms.  The consumer or retail client does NOT purchase the rights to ownership and/or copyrights and/or any content herein.  The Beary Scrap reserves all ownership and copyrights to all content, designs, graphics, artwork, patterns, images, etc.

If you do not agree to these terms, do NOT purchase or use our patterns for resale or profit.  We will exercise our legal rights for those in violation of our terms of use.

Terms of Use for Our Printables

The Printables found at www.treegoldandbeegold.com are created by Treegold and Beegold who is also the copywrite holder of all contents within this site.

Not for Redistribution

Do not redistrubite any Treegold and Beegold products as your own or host on your own site without the express permission of Treegold and Beegold.

Not for Commercial Use

Our printables are given free of charge for personal or classroom use. Do not use for commercial purposes which includes not selling the downloads, using them to sell a product or service, hosting the download to increase your sites traffic for commercial reasons.  Hard copies may not be made to be sold either through the internet or local distribution.
If you have any questions about our terms of use, please contact us.

Treegold and Beegold

email: contact@treegoldandbeegold.com

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